Today we would like to inform you about abstract art in our blog and share with you the moments that were very emotional for us in this area.

Since some of you are reading a big question mark, we would like to enlighten you first: What exactly is abstract art ?

Abstract art is generally considered to be the objectless representation of art. In other words, the resulting art should not be reminiscent of anything, but rather it is simply there to be beautiful or even mysterious.

Now that this is settled, we would like to share our own personal experiences of abstract art . In fact, we are not very experienced in abstract art. It has not always been easy. But we dared to take the first step at some point! As the saying goes, if you want to see success, you also have to start and do something for it. I have to say … our first abstract art came about only for the reason that we were given it as a commission. This is how this beautiful picture was created, which our customer was very happy about.

Even back then, we really enjoyed this experience and it was a very emotional experience for us even back then, so today we decided to share this experience with you!